Towards an Inclusive Public Transport Webinar

Towards an Inclusive Public Transport Webinar




When: July 1st, 7-8pm CET

Registration Dateline: June 29th 


Prior registration necessary in order to receive the access code


For over four years, the Immigrant Council of Ireland has been coordinating the work of a partnership involving public transport companies, Dublin City Council and the National Transport Authority. 


In a few short years, the partnership has developed a robust and proactive anti-racism annual campaign, as well as diversity strategies and policies. Public transport companies have been working to embed diversity in their day-to-day operation. Outcomes of the work include: establishing in-house racism reporting mechanisms and reviewing internal diversity policies and training. We supported them in developing a mentoring program at the companies’ top management level. Wider impact is evident from the generation of media debate around the prevalence of racism in Irish society. It has also stimulated a debate at the political level.


Who Should Attend: Equality and/or Diversity Managers of transport companies, Equality and/or Diversity Officers of City Councils, NGO’s working in the area of migration and/or anti-racism.

What You Will Learn: During the webinar you’ll find out what the requirements are to shape a modern public transport sector with regard to a diverse and inclusive work environment and how its relationship with customers is articulated.

The presenters will discuss:
• Inclusive workplace relations, effective diversity management, and internal anti-discrimination policies • The particular relevance of transport companies with regards to diversity and anti-racism, in service provision and occupying a public space
• The application of the project in stimulating a debate on the presence of racism in society and effective ways to challenge the issue


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