Discriminationsearch for term

Any distinction or restriction made on the basis of one or more individual characteristics the aim or effect of which is to prevent the recognition, enjoyment or exercise of their human rights and fundamental liberties by individuals belonging to a group, in the political, economic, social and cultural fields. Article 454 of the Penal Code defines discrimination as any distinction made between individuals by virtue of their origin, the colour of their skin, sex, sexual orientation, family situation, age, state of health, handicap, morals, political or philosophical opinions, union activities, membership or non-membership, true or assumed, of a specific ethnicity, nation, race or religion. Articles L.241-1 and 251-1 of the Employment Code prohibit any discrimination based on sex, marital or family status, religion or beliefs, handicap, age, sexual orientation, membership or non-membership, true or assumed, of a race or ethnicity.

Diversitysearch for term

Term used to speak of differences or similarities between individuals. These differences are reflected by sex, race, ethnic or cultural origin, physical abilities, age, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation (non-exhaustive list) and includes opinions, ideas, professional and life experiences, diverse skills and knowledge of individuals.

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Equalitysearch for term

EU citizenship confers the right to protection from discrimination on the grounds of, among other things, sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation. This is enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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Harassmentsearch for term

Harassment is any unwanted physical or verbal conduct that offends or humiliates others. It can take many forms: threats, intimidation, or verbal abuse; unwelcome remarks or jokes about subjects like ethnicity, religion, disability or age; displaying racist or other offensive pictures or posters.

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Positive actionsearch for term

Specific measures to compensate for disadvantages experienced by people suffering discrimination due to ethnic origin, age or other characteristics which might lead to them being treated unfairly. Making different arrangements (special training etc.) are ways of improving chances.

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