Launch of the (Handi)Cap Emploi awareness raising and communication kit

Within the framework of our (Handi)Cap Emploi project, financed by FSE, MTEES, the Ministry of Family and ADEM, IMS invited two companies involved (Sodexo and BGL BNP Paribas) as well as individuals with disabilities to testify their experiences.

"Disability is the  aspect of diversity confronted with the strongest barrier in the workplace," says Fabienne Dasnoy, Country Diversity Officer at BGL BNP Paribas. The bank has entered into a partnership with the Kräizbierg Foundation to enable people in the sheltered workshop to undertake internships. This partnership makes it possible to remove certain apprehensions, as a follow-up is provided by the sheltered workshop. The internship can be a gateway to disability-inclusion in the company because it does not engage managers on the long term.

Sodexo, for its part, anchored the disability topic in the diversity strategy of the company and the speakers present that day unanimously affirmed that it is necessary to develop a diversity strategy in order to give a chance to individuals with a disability in business. For managers, it is necessary to have the courage to lift the fears associated with including people with a disability by creating links and by humanizing the subject.

Another way to reduce prejudice is information and awareness. That is why IMS Luxembourg has developed a communication and awareness kit for employers, HR and all employees. It consists of 5 infographics to display in the corridors of your organization, 3 awareness videos to be broadcast internally and to relay on your social networks as well as a notebook and a USB key containing all the material. This kit is available in English and French.