Diversity wall - Our talents our differences

Nom de l'organisation: 
The Onelife Company SA
Date et horaire: 
Jeu, 2017-05-11 12:00 - 14:00

38 Parc d'Activites de Capellen
L-8303 Capellen

Description de l'action: 

As 1st concret action, we set up a Diversity Committee that decided to prepare, for the Diversity Day, a large canvas with the logo of our company and ask our employees to prepare or bring a photo / poem / object that resembles it but differentiated from the other. Each employee will have the opportunity to attach the item with his or her name on the canvas - all together.
This action will allows us to know a little more about each other and discover our talents and differences. The canvas will be after photographer and put on our website / linkedin / intranet site for share our action with the internal but also external customers. A video will be done too. We will focus on every specificity of our employee and have then a global picture. That will give insight to others as important our actions are and show how we are different and how these differences are interesting.
We will after put our canvas at the reception for show that will care and join the “Diversity Action” as well.