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MATCH is a 36month initiative funded by the European Union (EU) aimed at providing highly skilled talents to private sector companies whose needs for qualified staff cannot be satisfied by the offer available on the EU labour market. 

By joining MATCH, companies from Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands and Luxembourg will be supported with the sourcing and recruiting of African talents from Senegal and Nigeria, two countries offering a surplus of qualified professionals. In addition to the job placements, MATCH will also implement complementary activities such as skills development, capacity building and knowledge sharing between the participating EU and African countries. 

In Luxembourg, MATCH will be supported by IMS - Inspiring More Sustainability, through the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg and: 

Let us assist you in your recruitment!

The MATCH project gives you the opportunity to submit your ICT job offers to international recruitment experts without obligation! Send your offers to gabriela.guerrero@imslux.lu today!

The IOM and its partners have put in place for this project a well-thought and detailed recruitment process, starting with the clear identification of your company’s needs by global recruitment agency Aldelia. Each step was thought to make sure that your organization can in the end benefit from highly skilled talents from Nigeria or Senegal; talents who will support your team with their expertise.

Simply by filling in the form below! We will come back to you to explain the next steps and start the matching process. Registering does not entail any obligation from your side.


Take part to the project

The implementation of the MATCH project will fully comply with each country’s domestic regulations concerning the COVID19 pandemic. The volume of recruitments foreseen in the project will be adjusted to the actual needs of companies that will still be experiencing shortages in the post-pandemic context. Additionally, there will be no physical recruitments of young talents while mobility restrictions linked to COVID19 pandemic still apply. Furthermore, depending on needs of the companies, remote working arrangements will be set up in order to lay the foundation for a collaboration benefitting the company and the worker. 

About the MATCH project

Who are the project partners? 

The partners for this project are VDAB, Agoria, Kamer van Koophandel, NABC – Confidence in African Business, UnionCamere Piemonte and Eurochambres. It is funded by the European Union’s Asylum,migration and Integration Fund.

Why Nigeria and Senegal? 

Nigeria and Senegal are among the most advanced countries in Africa in terms of ICT infrastructure, digital skills and the best places for Tech-hubs and tech giants such as Microsoft, Accenture or even Google. 

What are the advantages for the company? 

By taking part to this project, your company can first answer its needs thanks highly skilled professionals from Nigeria and Senegal, reinforcing your team’s technical expertise. But it is also an opportunity for you to contribute towards concrete initiatives and project benefitting both their country of origin and Luxembourg. Last but not least, participating to the MATCH project is a concrete action for your D&I plan/policy. From enlarging recruitment channels to enlarging the multicultural management and experience. 

How will the project be sustainable once the EU funding ends?

On September 23rd, 2020, the European Commission released a New Pact formigration and Asylum where labour mobility schemes (so-called Talents Partnerships) feature  as a high priority. In order to increase the sustainability, it is also important that private companies pay a fair share of the expenses in order to decrease the cost per capita. In Germany, private companies have been running a scheme with countries in West Africa for the past ten years.

How is the project avoiding “brain-drain” in the two partner countries?

The aim is to look at these schemes as a legal way for Africans to migrate to the EU and to gain valuable experience. Through the MATCH project the candidates will obtain a job placement for a fixed period of time. It will be up to the company and the candidate to see if they would like to prolong this collaboration further. The candidates who will be expected to go back to their country of origin will return with an increased set of skills.

Is the project open to other countries?

The MATCH - Hiring African Talents project is currently only open to professionals from Nigeria and Senegal. If the project is a success for these countries, consideration will be given to extending it to other countries.

About the recruitment

Which kind of profiles are available? 

Profiles in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies, Finance, IT, Development and related are available. From junior to senior levels.

How does the recruitment process work? 

IOM and its partners have put in place a well thought-out and detailed recruitment process for this project, starting with the clear identification of your company's needs by the international recruitment agency Aldelia. Each step has been designed to ensure that your organization will ultimately benefit from highly qualified talent from Nigeria or Senegal, talent that will support your team with their expertise.

Is there an age limit?

No, there is no age limitation for this project, priority is given to the candidates' experience and qualifications and the company's needs.

Can the organization take part to the interviews?

Yes, organizations are welcome to participate in the interviews, especially if they wish to submit specific technical or computer tests.

How fast is the recruitment process?

Pre-selection usually takes between two and four weeks. This depends on the position sought and the candidates available at the time of application. Companies have then to take into consideration that after this first step, they will have to take their own recruitment procedures, to fully complete the recruitment process. An additional delay to keep in mind is the mobility: in Luxembourg it takes on average 2 to 3 months to complete visa procedures.

How do you ensure that 30% of the candidates are women?

Aldelia and IOM have a proactive sourcing strategy. They have contacted Nigerian and Senegalese foundations that specialise in supporting women and are involved in this type of programme. Aldelia also uses an automated pre-selection system, thus ensuring objectivity in the process.

Am I forced to hire the candidates?  

No. The recruitment process is fully managed by Aldelia, which will forward you the candidates they have identified as the best fit for your position, but if you do not wish to pursue with one of the candidates you have interviewed, you can simply make it known to Aldelia.

What are the procedures for obtaining a visa in Luxembourg?

For any questions regarding visa and immigration procedures, please refer to pages 26 to 30 of our practical guidemigration vers l'Emploi.

About the onboarding

Do organizations have to adapt their current relocation and mobility processes?

Aldelia supports companies by sending a simulation of cost, with what the organisation intends on providing the candidate with. It will also, based on their expertise, recommend what they should give the candidate upon their relocation. This will lead to the creation of a full cost-sheet with all the costs to plan for. This service also includes mobility questions and is included in the offer.

Are there issues concerning double taxation?

As long as the candidates are working in Senegal or Nigeria Aldelia will be responsible for their taxes (if hired temporally by Adelia). They won’t need to pay taxes in Luxembourg they will have to pay taxes in Senegal or Nigeria because that is where they will be working from physically. Once they move to Luxembourg, then their contract with Aldelia in Senegal or Nigeria will end and you will start up a contract in Luxembourg (or in one of the other 3 EU countries) with your company.