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MATCH is a 36month initiative funded by the European Union (EU) aimed at providing highly skilled talents to private sector companies whose needs for qualified staff cannot be satisfied by the offer available on the EU labour market. 

By joining MATCH, companies from Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands and Luxembourg will be supported with the sourcing and recruiting of African talents from Senegal and Nigeria, two countries offering a surplus of qualified professionals. In addition to the job placements, MATCH will also implement complementary activities such as skills development, capacity building and knowledge sharing between the participating EU and African countries. 

In Luxembourg, MATCH will be supported by IMS - Inspiring More Sustainability, through the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg and: 

The IOM and its partners have put in place for this project a well-thought and detailed recruitment process, starting with the clear identification of your company’s needs by global recruitment agency Aldelia. Each step was thought to make sure that your organization can in the end benefit from highly skilled talents from Nigeria or Senegal; talents who will support your team with their expertise.

Simply by filling in the form below! We will then transfer the information to the ADEM, who will take the lead on the recruitment process. Registering does not entail any obligation from your side. 


Take part to the project

The implementation of the MATCH project will fully comply with each country’s domestic regulations concerning the COVID19 pandemic. The volume of recruitments foreseen in the project will be adjusted to the actual needs of companies that will still be experiencing shortages in the post-pandemic context. Additionally, there will be no physical recruitments of young talents while mobility restrictions linked to COVID19 pandemic still apply. Furthermore, depending on needs of the companies, remote working arrangements will be set up in order to lay the foundation for a collaboration benefitting the company and the worker.