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Intergenerational recruitment and training


Activity sector : Construction

Company category : SME



Description of the action

In 2015, a 54-year-old employee will be placed in tandem in the field with a young person under the age of 30 recruited under an introductory employment contract (contrat d'initiation à l'emploi - CIE) to train him or her.


Areal is a construction company that specializes in the ecological and energetic renovation of old buildings. This work requires employees to be versatile, but also requires reflection and hindsight to take the time to decide how and when to intervene. This profile is acquired with experience.

In addition, the skill requirements of staff in this sector of activity are becoming more and more demanding. It is therefore necessary to promote their qualification.


This recruitment is the result of the desire to set up a formalized age diversity procedure. Indeed, the director sees senior citizens as people with immense know-how that should be valued, and not as people unfit for work. If this approach proves successful, she plans to promote it to other companies.


The objective is first of all to meet a need for manpower, but the response is part of a sustainable economy approach, with the motto of reconciling economy with ecology (taking into account the environment) and social (taking into account people), with a human vision in the way everyone behaves.

Moreover, as the young person is hired within the framework of an ICE, the first objective will be to develop his or her employability. Another objective will be to develop their desire to learn, so that they can meet the needs of the labour market throughout their career.


This tandem should be a win-win situation for the company with the valorisation and transmission of the senior person's skills and with the development of the young person's skills.

The expected impact is also that the young person brings skills to the senior, although the activity does not depend on the use of new technologies.

« To do »

Favour quality of work over performance at all costs. Giving opportunities to seniors and young people alike, especially for positions where performance is not the first quality sought. There are people who are competent for this.

« Not to do »

Don't go too fast and don't put too many constraints. On the contrary, it's better to let the chemistry between people work itself out, stay tuned in if something doesn't work and find solutions as you go along.

Keywords : Selection and recruitment

Published on 22 September 2016