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Alpha’s good practice on diversity and inclusion


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Company category : SME


Define a diversity policy

Description of the action

- Assigning a female-buddy in a company for each new female joiner for additional support to bridgegender gap - Enhanced communication in the recruitment messages about inclusive company culture - Close monitoring of the recruitment statistics, related mostly to the female recruitment - Participating in the recruitment events targeted at attracting more female candidates - Ensuring fair remuneration - Openness to recent graduates - Using English as a company language to create inclusive environment - During the pandemic, Alpha ensured the possibility to accommodate the home office to enable equal working condition for everyone - Internal digital collaboration platform, launched in 2017, is used extensively for social interaction as well as internal training, policy updates. Communications about different intercultural holidays and traditions which cover the company globally are shared via this tool - Our employees help to manage Alpha’s CSR, diversity andinclusion, infrastructure, marketing, and business development activities. Everyone can be involved in it - The global teams are also directly involved in recruitment and the interviewing of candidates. Everyone can be involved in it and get a training on how to deliver the positive message about company inclusive culture - We collaborate with all Alpha offices globally to exchange and leverage on the best practices - Fair evaluation process of the employees based on meritocracy under pre-definded and transparent guidelines


Creating of an Ethnic & Cultural Diversity (ECD) Committee Alpha is continuously learning and refining its approach to sustainability and during FY 22 it embarked on the next stage of its development. The recent hire of an experienced full-time Diversity &inclusion Manager, who will join Alpha at the beginning of the new financial year, is intended to ensure that Alpha’s culture of inclusivity, governance frameworks and recruitment processes are delivering a sufficiently diverse team through all levels of the organization.


Alpha is anequal opportunities employer, and it is Alpha’s policy to ensure that all job applicants and employees are treated fairly and on merit regardless ofrace,ethnicity, nationality,gender,sexual orientation, religious belief, political opinion, age ordisability.


- Dedicated roles for D&I created - Communications via the intranet channel - Recent C.A.R.E. programme in place All the initiatives are concluded on continuous basis, without specific deadline.


Qualitative impact: brand perception, employees’ perception.

« To do »

- Keep recruitment statistics in place - Encourage the diversity within the company by using open communication - Celebrate the difference

« Not to do »

- Avoid non-inclusive wording /use inclusive language - Avoid a neutral practice having a negative effect only on the people discriminated against - Avoid insulting and malicious behavior


https://alphafmc.com/ethnic-cultural-diversity-the-c-a-r-e-framework-alphas-journey/ https://alphafmc.com/about-alpha/impact/

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Published on 26 September 2022