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Groupes de travail autonomes

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The Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter now offers signatories the possibility of participating in an Autonomous Working Group (AWG) led by an Ambassador signatory company. Composed of professionals from signatory organisations, these working groups allow them to resolve current "diversity" issues in line with the Charter's strategy. 

These projects, which take place for one to two years, aim to produce and share knowledge at the national, European and international levels. As the Diversity Charter is only an observer and promoter of the initiative and its resources, the organisation of the various meetings, the working methods and the results provided are the responsibility of the Group.


Discover the active autonomous working groups:

Age and intergenerational management
Lead by Sodexo, first meeting on 1 February 2022

Gender Diversity in Luxembourg
Lead by ABBL, first meeting on 21 February 2022

Analysis of LGBTI issues in Luxembourg companies
Lead by StateStreet, first meeting on 25 February 2022

Managing long absences; employee return and reintegration
Lead by PwC, first meeting on 8 February 2022

The groups have already been set up but if you still want to join them, contact info@chartediversite.lu

How are the issues addressed by the Autonomous Working Groups defined?

The issues dealt with by the AWGs are defined in collaboration with the Ambassador signatory company wishing to take the lead in the group and whose expertise on the proposed topic is recognised/experienced. The issues addressed to meet the needs of the signatories and are in line with the strategy of the Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter.

I want to take part in an Autonomous Working Group. What are my options?

You can join an AWG as a participant if you want to collaborate on a diversity theme that is important to you. Complete our information form (in the Presentation tab).

How can I become an Ambassador and lead an AWG?

The Ambassador status will be available to you upon invitation of the Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter and gives you new possibilities, such as leading an autonomous Working Group or participating in our annual strategy committee, alongside the Privileged Partners.

Who selects the members of the Autonomous Working Group?

The Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter, through a call for participation, will analyse the profiles of signatories interested in joining the AWG and assign them accordingly. The aim here is to form diverse groups in age, gender, sector of activity and more. Also, please note that it will only be possible for two people from the same organisation to join the same working group.

How will the tools and content produced by the Autonomous Working Groups be used?

The Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter holds the intellectual property of the documents produced within the framework of the AWGs. They may not be used for commercial purposes and must respect the values and directions of the Charter. However, it will be possible for each GTA participant to share and promote their participation in creating these contents and tools.

What are the costs of participation (investment in time)?

The Lëtzebuerg Diversity Charter does not finance the AWGs but provides the various tools necessary for the smooth running of the different projects.