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#NextGen Interviews – Talent Acquisition Campaign


Activity sector : Other service activities

Company category : SME



Description of the action

We are doing a communication campaign of 10 video testimonials on LinkedIn, focused on the new talents in the firm, talking to their peers and exchanging on their own individual experience. The target is the potential candidates from any country, nationality, social/educational background willing to start and develop their career in Luxembourg. We release a video per week every Thursday, for 10 weeks. We naturally took the decision to have agender parity in those testimonials and allowed each participant to also express themselves in their own mother tongue to reflect the diversity we have in our firm. The interviewee of the week publishes the video on its own LinkedIn profile, which is reposted by our HR and marketing team. Videos are of course formerly available on our Intranet and we encourage all our members to share and comment them as we are convinced that it is crucial to always communicate internally before externally.


The initial idea was to organize individual interviews with all our members and present the results of this exercise under the form of a SWOT analysis during our annual team building. It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to provide, in total confidentiality, new ideas for future personal development and show them that their opinion really count to develop our common future. This Bottom-Up approach was really appreciated by all members and helped the management to propose a new strategy based on individual needs and expectations. This new strategy has been discussed and developed during different working sessions defined by the management (Top-Down approach). The idea was to combine both approaches to discuss challenges, potential improvements and clarify once again the values that unify us around our common objectives of development. The goal was also to empower each individual during those sessions. One of the main objectives was clearly the acquisition of new talent. Once again, we have involved our members and identified with them the topics to be highlighted and promoted in Luxembourg, but also at an international level. Dentons has the ability to attract new staff through a network of more than 200 offices in 80 different countries. We have gone off the beaten track by avoiding the traditional corporate clichés as much as possible and tried to address the questions that these potential candidates ask themselves on a daily basis. Of course, we took into account the feelings of our new recruits and interns, without forgetting all the potential candidates we met at student fairs (Unicareer, Aneld, …). This is how our #NextGen campaign was born. A pragmatic campaign based on the real needs of the market and, above all, meeting the expectations of the new generation! With more than 50.000 views in 2 months, we came to the conclusion that using our members as real Ambassadors was the best way to illustrate our values, diversity (we have 16 different nationalities for 48 employees) and empower the New Generation by giving them a voice to share their own experience!


Share our values, show our diversity, and empower all our members Involve the new generation and give them a voice Create more visibility on LinkedIn, for Dentons but also for the participant itself Speak in a plain language to peers Show the good atmosphere in the office Attract new Talents The goal of this campaign is to increase our international Talent pool and widen the types of profiles that we usually reach.


We did a round table with all the interviewees to brainstorm about the questions and what they would like to answer. Nothing was written to keep it spontaneous and natural in front of the camera. A professional cameraman came to shoot all the videos in one day, spending an hour with each person. Then the videos have been edited by our internal Marketing department. This project has been made under the supervision of HR and Marketing departments, sponsored by a Counsel and with the enthusiastic participation of all the interviewees. Each interview was first shared on the interviewee LinkedIn account and recycle on our Corporate LinkedIn account one week later. A monitoring of each publication was done by the Marketing team. The idea is to create at the end of the project a dedicated section on our YouTube channel and associate a QR code to promote those testimonials in all students fairs we will attend in the coming months. We want to broaden the media we use, from the traditional one which is LinkedIn, to a wider one, YouTube, in order to attract different more diverse and different audience.


The NextGen was very happy to participate and to be put in the front line. The number of views of each videos shows the interest that has been created and raises awareness that everybody is welcome at Dentons.

« To do »

Show the diversity in an easy way, let the persons communicate with their own words. Involve all the participants in an equal way. Ask a professional to do the video to avoid any lack of time and make the interviewees feel comfortable.

« Not to do »

Be too much prepared with answers written down or tell the interviewees what to say.


Keywords : Communication

Published on 24 January 2023