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Diversit Day Buffer

Bourmicht Olympic Challenge

Friday 11 January 2030


Bertrange - Bourmicht


Description of the action

Creating a community out of a group of companies that work and eat everyday next to each other without knowing one another. In Bourmicht we are thousands of employees, from dozens of companies and we are now trying to create a link between everyone through sports. We convinced Decathlon to sponsor our initiative so as to have all equipment necessary, Deka is sponsoring us for the catering so in the end there will be basically no spending. We will give a chance to employees to compete in a friendly way in mixed teams and earn medals for their companies as athletes would win them for their countries. For every winner we will have a anthem played on a podium. We will have animations, bouncy castles, food, drinks for everyone. Thanks to this we have created a facebook page, cross company training are being setup to get ready for the event. Life is being born and that promotes diversity throughout the entire zone.