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Inclusive Leadership

Company name : Arendt & Medernach

Activity sector : Other service activities

Company category : Large company



Description of the action

We organised a training/workshop with a professional speaker on inclusive leadership


During our Annual Partners Meeting we invited professional speaker, French Army pilot and first woman to join the Patrouille de France (the precision aerobatics demonstration unit of the French Air and Space Force), before appointed leader, becoming the first woman in the world to command a precision aerobatic demonstration team, Virginie Guyot. She spoke about leadership and trust, the partners being a role model, having to respect each human being, the work of each individual. She focused on the importance of each individual within a team, theinclusion of all its members, depending on each other to make a project successful. The Annual Partners Meeting took place in September 2021.


• Involve senior management in being role models • Enhance inclusive leadership • Embed diversity andnon-discrimination at the heart of every-day actions • Promoting the importance of each individual within a team and theinclusion of all team members • Focus on trust and respect


Involving senior management as role models enhances the impact of and support for trust, respect andinclusion towards all team members throughout all levels within the firm, valuing each individual and each talent. Strong teams can better cooperate and thrive more together.

Keywords : Raise the top management's awareness

Published on 31 March 2022