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All Together

Thursday 30 May 2024


Kaercher Schlass

Fondation EME

Description of the action
As we celebrate our 15th anniversary at the EME Foundation, this year has a special significance. We present "All Together", a project that brings together 250 singers from 9 choirs across Luxembourg. With rehearsals organized within these diverse choirs, the aim is to foster collaboration and harmony. Among these choirs is the Chœur Bill, actively involved in the "All Together" project. Under the direction of Theresia Birngruber, they are diligently preparing for a concert as part of the LEADER All Together initiative at Bill. The concert will take place on May 30 at 7 p.m., in the magnificent premises of the Kaercher Schlass, in honor of World Multiple Sclerosis Day. World Multiple Sclerosis Day is observed every year to highlight the challenges faced by people with this autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. It's an opportunity to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis, educate people about its symptoms, diagnosis and treatments, and promote research to find more effective therapies and a cure. The day also aims to offer support to people with multiple sclerosis and their loved ones, highlighting the services and resources available to help them manage the disease on a daily basis. Music can bring significant benefits to people with multiple sclerosis. It can help reduce stress, improve mood and relieve symptoms such as fatigue and pain. By listening to music, people with multiple sclerosis can find comfort and distraction, which can help improve their quality of life. In addition, playing a musical instrument or participating in musical activities can help maintain coordination, motorskills and cognition, offering additional physical and mental benefits. We invite you to join us and reserve your place by calling 26 02 27 465 or sending an e-mail to contact@fondation-eme.lu. We would like to express our deep gratitude to our generous sponsors: the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Viticulture, the Leader Zentrum Westen and the European Union for their financial support. Special thanks to our loyal partners, DMSG and MSL, for their ongoing support. Don't miss this exceptional musical event! We look forward to celebrating our shared passion for music together.