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Diversit Day Buffer

Celebrating Diversity in the workplace!

Thursday 23 May 2024



SIX Financial Information Luxembourg

Description of the action
Our office counts 30 people , with in this number we have 10 different nationalities We celebrate every national holiday by setting up a quiz with true and false questions This format creates awareness , demonstrates the differences between cultures and opens the floor for further questions . We have an ESG committee of 6 people organising events ( breakfast was organised in December last year and the proceeds sent to a children's charity in Belgium ) For the 23/05/2024 We will organise a viewing of a video around Diversity and have a representative from our Head office give a presentation on where we stand at SIX on Diversity . We will also have a visit from some colleagues in France Later on we will organise a lunch where each person will bring a speciality from their county to share ( Auberge Espagnole) We will organise a drawing context around how each person or their family sees " Diversity " We will then vote on the best drawing. the winner will receive a gift and the drawing will become the background picture of our ESG committee mission statement