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Diverse Women Professionals in Luxembourg

Wednesday 22 May 2024


Campus Kirchberg, University of Luxembourg

University of Luxembourg

Description of the action

Diverse Women Professionals in Luxembourg

Co-organized by The Network and University of Luxembourg 

Professional women from diverse fields share how they navigate their careers, creating a space for open dialogue on women's career development where everyone is welcome. Whether you’re an academic, a professional, or simply curious, join us, and let’s empower each other!


Speaker 1: Anna E. Kornadt, Full professor and Department Head, University of Luxembourg

Speaker 2: Anne Calteux, Head of the European Commission Representation in Luxembourg

Speaker 3: Karin Proidl, Ambassador of Austria to Luxembourg

Speaker 4: Laura A. Méndez Rodriguez, Head of Regulatory Compliance, Clearstream

Speaker 5: Patricia Cooke, Senior Vice President, Northern Trust Global Services

Moderator: Inês Crisóstomo,mentoring program coordinator -gender equality Office University of Luxembourg


Introduction and Welcome: The event begins with an introduction by the host, setting the tone for the evening and welcoming the audience.

Panelist Introductions: Each panelist is introduced, highlighting their name, profession, and field of activity. This sets the stage for the diverse range of expertise represented on the panel.

Moderated Discussion: A skilled moderator guides the conversation, posing thought-provoking questions to the panelists about their career journeys, challenges faced, and key learnings. Each panelist will be able to share their insights and experiences.

Audience Q&A: The audience is invited to participate by asking questions to the panelists. This interactive segment allows for deeper exploration of specific topics and fosters engagement between the panelists and attendees.

Closing Remarks: The event concludes with closing remarks from the host, thanking the panelists and attendees for their participation. Attendees leave feeling inspired, empowered, and motivated to pursue their own career goals.

Networking: further networking opportunities in a relaxed setting, creating connections and collaboration among attendees.