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Diversit Day Buffer

Exploring diversity through literary fiction. Reading *The Name Jar* (2003) by Yangsook Choi

Thursday 20 May 2021


Online (Webex)

Luxembourg School of Religion & Society

Description of the action
On the occasion of the Diversity Day Lëtzebuerg 2021, the LSRS is organizing a literary evening during which the participants have the possibility to explore the topic of diversity through a contemporary book written by a South Korean-American author: The Name Jar (2003) by Yangsook Choi. After reading the text together, the participants will have a group discussion and share their thoughts about the ways in which this story can contribute to our understanding of diversity. They will also explore the cognitive dimension of diversity, and talk about the scripts, emotions, feelings, and attitudes related to it. Last but not least, they will be invited to reflect together on the biological and psychological reality that lies beyond our current social and political take on diversity.