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BLACK & YELLOW function ball by the legendary VINII REVLON

The Centre Pompidou in Metz invites you:

Learn about the culture of the ballroom scene and voguing with the first Voguing legend Vinii Revlon!

He will be accompanied by members of his House: The International House of Revlon, with Giselle Palmer, Keiona Mitchell and Kobe Revlon, Ball Jury and a dozen members of the House to participate in categories.

What is the Ballroom scene?

A voguing competition that celebrates all identities and combines fashion, aesthetics, dance and performance. The balls, which can last several hours, are animated by an MC, a master of ceremony who will present the different categories. Judges will give marks to each participant: they will select the winner of each category, who will take home a trophy. During the balls, the dancers compete in houses, a kind of social group that becomes a surrogate family. Originally, transgender and gay people were rejected by their biological families and found refuge in a house. By extension, the ballroom scene is the name given to the whole culture that stems from balls. It is also the name of the community created by Afro and Latino transgender women in the 1920s in the United States. At that time, if there were already drag contests, it was mostly white people who were rewarded. The Afro and Latino trans women decided to create their own scene, the ballroom, which was then joined by gay people.

19 September 2021 at 3pm at the CENTRE POMPIDOU-METZ.

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Published on 21 July 2021