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Diversity Awards 2023: Ferrero, Sanem, Nhood and Société Générale rewarded

The 5th Diversity Awards ceremony took place on Thursday, 28 September. Held every two years, this event highlights the best national practices in favour of diversity.  
Four organisations received awards in the following categories:

  • Recruitment, Welcome and Integration 
  • Career Management 
  • Well-Being and Working Conditions 
  • Communication and Values of the organisation 

2023 TRENDS 

On 7 July, the pre-jury, comprising 17 independent experts, selected the nominees for each category. The final jury of 7 multi-stakeholder representatives selected the winners in the four categories on 18 September.  

The trends emerging from the pre-jury and jury discussions are clear: 

  • The organisations that applied proposed inspiring practices that are simple to implement and that will enable other organisations to replicate them. 
  • Several practices are ideas that have been replicated with significant improvements (greater impact on employees, less restricted scope). This is a sign that these practices are becoming common practice. 
  • The nominated practices also include more comprehensive and strategic projects. This confirms that companies are becoming more mature on diversity andinclusion issues.  

All the initiatives submitted to the pre-jury and jury can be found in the Diversity Awards Lëtzebuerg 2023 brochure and videos. Each organisation can draw inspiration from these practices to replicate or adapt them as a long-term approach and continuous improvement.  


The ceremony was hosted by Ann de Jonghe, Vice-President of the Diversity Charter Committee, and Corinne Cahen, Patron of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg, and Alderwoman, City of Luxembourg.  

The 2023 winners are: 

  • Category 1 - Recruitment, Welcome and Integration 

Ferrero – «inclusion and Respect Course » 

  • Category 2 - Career Management 

Commune de Sanem – « Formation inclusive des baby-sitters » 

  • Category 3 - Well-Being and Working Conditions 

Nhood – « Heures silencieuses dans les shopping centers » 

  • Category 4 - Communication and Values of the organisation 

Société Générale – « Bingo de la diversité et de l’inclusion »

Published on 29 September 2023