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Silent hours at the Cloche d'Or Shopping Center

The Shopping Center Cloche d'Or is introducing "silent hours" to provide a more peaceful environment for autistic and hypersensitive people.

Every Tuesday from 4pm to 5pm and every Thursday from 3pm to 4pm, the centre will dim the lights and turn off background music in public areas.

For several weeks now, customers at the Shopping Center Cloche d'Or have been enjoying a quieter shopping session over two weekly slots.

The initiative is part of a partnership with the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg (FAL), and provides a calmer environment for people with autism spectrum disorders and hypersensitivity, as well as customers in general who want to enjoy a more peaceful shopping session. In practical terms, this means dimming the lighting in the centre's public areas and switching off the background music.

And this is just the beginning! Lifestore Auchan is working alongside the centre and the retailers, who are also committing to implementing the measures in their shops. A real mobilisation is being created around this project, which is close to the hearts of the Nhood teams.

Raphaël Bouchet, Director of the Cloche d'Or Shopping Centre: "CLOCHE D'OR, its retailers and the AUCHAN LIFESTORE are delighted to be able to welcome autistic and hypersensitive people under calmer conditions thanks to the introduction of 'silent hours'. This approach is at the heart of the DNA of CLOCHE D'OR, a civic-minded player committed to the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg, which we warmly thank for its support and advice. LETZ ACT!

Eric Mathieu, Development-Promotion Director and CSR Leader, Nhood Luxembourg:
"Offering everyone - whatever their situation - both easy access to our sites and the comfort of visiting them without inconvenience or disruption of any kind are two major challenges in the CSR strategy of the sites we manage. This is just as important as reducing their carbon footprint and helping to improve biodiversity".

In addition to these actions, the Shopping Centre's teams, supported by the FAL, have worked on an itinerary aimed at facilitating access for autistic people and optimising their visit so that they are confronted with as few stimuli as possible.
In addition to this route, advice is given on times and areas to be avoided in certain time slots.
Finally, the centre is raising the awareness of all its visitors and calling on everyone to be vigilant and take action to respect these "silent hours".

All the information is available on cdo.lu

Published on 30 May 2023