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"I can vote": Non-Luxembourg residents can vote in the next municipal elections

The Ministry of Family,integration and the Greater Region has launched the national awareness campaign "I can vote" to inform non-Luxembourg residents that they can participate in the next communal elections, which will take place on 11 June 2023.

All non-Luxembourg citizens can participate in these elections, regardless of the length of their stay in the country. Unfortunately, many people still think that you have to have lived in the country for at least five years to be able to vote, but this is no longer true since the law was changed in July 2022. We need to encourage people to go and vote so that they can decide the future of their municipality of residence.

Why vote? By participating in the communal elections of 11 June 2023, I directly choose the communal councillors who will defend my interests for the next six years.

Let's be numerous to participate in the elections to make our voices heard in communal political decisions!

Who can vote? 

I will be 18 years old on 11 June 2023 (the day of the elections).

I go to the population office of my commune at any time but no later than 55 days before the date of the communal elections to register.

I have not lost the right to vote in my country of origin and Luxembourg. A judge has not sentenced me to a criminal penalty. A judge has not convicted me to a correctional sentence where the judge also took away my right to vote.

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Published on 09 February 2023