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The "WorkAble" digital campaign

The WorkAble campaign run by the Ministry of Labour, EMployment and the Social Economy aims to raise employers' awareness of disability in the workplace and to highlight the positive influence of disabled employees in the world of work. It aims to change the general perception of disabled employees to a positive one and to put people skills first.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A strong team supports each other. Give disabled people the support they deserve and discover the added value they bring to your company!
  • Hiring disabled employees: Companies that employ disabled people can also benefit from state aid and achieve their corporate social responsibility objectives.
  • Highlighting the skills of disabled employees:inclusion means recognising and promoting the strengths of each individual. Together, we can overcome the challenges!
  • Overcoming prejudice and stereotypes: Disability is not a barrier to creativity and innovation. Discover the unique perspectives that people with disabilities can bring to your business!

Published on 15 June 2023