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La Rentrée LEQGF: Study and Training Day

LEQGF is back in session:

The non-binarygender survey: practical implementations & challenges ofgender diversity in everyday digital life

2pm: Expert Training (in German)

Digital society andgender diversity - Expert training for agender IT update with RyLee Hühne, professor ofgender and IT*.
** Details of the content and running of the course can be found in the programme **.

6pm: Discussion (in English with German interpretation)

The importance and challenges of gender-neutral data and tools ... and what this means for trans and non-binary people with RyLee Hühne and members of Uni.lu's LGBT+ Student Association.

Venue: Mairie de la Commune de Sanem (60 Rue de la Poste, 4477 Belvaux).

More information: https://www.leqgf.lu/events

Published on 05 September 2023