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Launch of the European Diversity Barometer

IMS announces the launch of the European Diversity Barometer. This 24-month project initiated by IMS began with ten European partner charters. This platform will enable all signatory companies to track the progress of their Diversity &inclusion policy at national and European level. They will also be able to receive training via e-learning and have access to a wide range of resources. This project has been funded by the European Union's Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme. All European charters will eventually be able to be included on the tool.  The announcement was made at an IMS event ondiversity management on Tuesday 5 December, at which the Belgian, Italian and Luxembourg charters shared their practices.

The European Diversity Barometer in practice:

The platform will be accessible from 22 January 2024 at the following address: https://diversitybarometer.eu/en

Languages: ten languages will be available (French, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Slovakian, Greek and Estonian), with the aim of eventually making the site available in all EU countries. The languages available will be adapted according to the charter to which the signatory is affiliated.

Access to the platform: signatories will receive e-mail access for the first connection to create their account. They will then receive an automatic e-mail from the European Diversity Charter to which they are affiliated to alerting them to the opening period of the European and/or national questionnaire.

Procedures: signatories will have to answer two questionnaires: the European barometer and the national barometer.

The European barometer will be administered every 3 years for all signatories of a European diversity charter. It is an EU-wide questionnaire containing around ten questions. It contains four modules: Profile of the signatory, Implementation of diversity andinclusion activities in the workplace, Understanding EU policies, Future improvements.

The national barometer, administered and defined by each of the charters, is a questionnaire for the signatories of the charter in question. The timing is defined by the charter. In Luxembourg, the national barometer is also administered every 3 years, at the same time as the European barometer. It comprises around twenty questions, exploring in greater detail the diversity policies and actions of the signatory organisations.

On the platform, Luxembourg signatories will find :

  • The national and European barometer questionnaires.
  • Their results thanks to a quick view, the possibility of comparing results by country, by sector and by size of organisation.
  • Resources with ongoing training on various diversity-related themes, drawn from the resources of all the European charters, and a complete e-learning course on managing diversity in companies to implement a diversity action plan (from preliminary diagnosis to impact). 

On the platform, each European Diversity Charter will be able to :

  • Create its own national questionnaire for its signatories and monitor the responses.
  • Export the results of signatories and offer more personalised follow-up according to needs.
  • Access and feed a platform for sharing resources between European Diversity Charters.

Published on 07 December 2023