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Striving for a more diverse and inclusive Startup culture

DoYourThing is organising this event on 8 September: register

Every challenge, every crisis, every conflict has demonstrated just how interconnected we are – as people, communities and the world as a whole – and how delicate the balance is that sustains our health, lives, opportunities and prosperity.

The path from here to wherever we go next is framed in a new normal and anchored in the challenging but important lessons these moments in time have taught us. We must embrace those lessons and build a better tomorrow - for everyone. 

That means we need to treat each other with a deeper respect for our interdependence on one another. That the ways we live, work and do business together should be built for balance, continuity and sustainability.

The evening will begin with a brief presentation and discussion about how we can build a stronger, more equal and of course more sustainable future, followed by networking whilst enjoying some drinks and food. 

The world is speaking up for a more equal future. So, what are you waiting for? Join us and help us continue to build a more equal, equitable and sustainable future!

Published on 25 August 2023