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Signatories of the Diversity Charter, don't forget to fill in the Diversity and Business 2021 questionnaire

Among their commitments, signatories must, once every two years, report on their practices in the field ofdiversity management by answering a questionnaire administered by IMS. The data is collected and analysed by LISER to establish this barometer.

This survey has three main objectives.

  1. To provide an overview of diversity and related practices in Luxembourg organisations in 2021
  2. To provide a self-assessment tool and to inspire the signatory organisations.
    Thanks to the themes addressed, the questionnaire allows for a review of the actions that have been implemented and their impact on the organisation. It can also provide ideas for measures that the signatory organisations could implement.
  3. To observe the evolution of the signatories'diversity management policies (results 2021 compared to those obtained in 2018).

The questionnaire is to be completed before 16 July 2021.

If you are a signatory of the Diversity Charter, contact marine.detry@imslux.lu for more information.

Published on 17 June 2021