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A toolkit for promoting intercultural encounters and living in Luxembourg

Interculturality for Impact
Ideas, resources, methods & activities for intercultural learning

Intended for professionals working in the fields of interculturality,inclusion andnon-discrimination, this toolkit offers theoretical content as well as educational and practical activities promotinginclusion and active citizenship, while enhancing the value of cultural diversity in Luxembourg society.

This toolkit was born of an observation made in 2022, during the inventory of intercultural training and initiatives in Luxembourg carried out by IMS in collaboration with the Ministry of Family Affairs, Solidarity, Living Together andmigration (MFSVA). In particular, the report highlighted the fact that many players in the community, professional and state spheres are committed to a more inclusive society on a daily basis. However, despite it becoming apparent that their initiatives are often isolated, there is a real desire for exchange and collaboration, with a view to creating synergies around common objectives for better living together with our differences.

This toolkit follows on from the inventory. It has been produced within the framework of an agreement between IMS Luxembourg and the MFSVA, and at the latter’s request. Here, IMS has brought together a network of local players to work and reflect collectively on the question of interculturality, a fundamental issue in living together in a de facto multicultural society.

The approach of this toolkit is to accompany the reader from the theory to the practice of intercultural learning. The kit is divided into 4 thematic modules, which are interdependent but equally relevant as stand-alone modules.

Each module includes:

  • A short introduction by an inspiring expert, who also took part in a workshop, to provide food for thought for the collective intelligence work;
  • A definitional and classification section, with fundamental questions related to each theme;
  • Followed by a series of educational and methodological activity plans, developed by the contributors. Each activity plan sets out the intercultural learning objectives andskills we have identified. The teaching activities andskills are presented in askills grid at the end of the kit and below.


Also available in French

It is supplemented by a thematic report "A multilingual social café, inspired by the life of third places" to explore the subject of third places, and in particular a multilingual social café, often a catalyst for intercultural dialogue and both participative and contributive democracy.

Published on 13 December 2023