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Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : Large company


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

Our recruitment guidelines - published on the intranet and accessible to all staff members of staff - state that we as a company commit to:

Promote a culture where colleagues are supported, respected, valued for their differences (diversity) and treated consistently and fairly through equal opportunities for all without discrimination on the basis ofrace, ethnic origin, skin colour or nationality / Religious or political beliefs and affiliation / Sex, gender reassignment, or sexual orientation / Marriage or civil partnership / Age / Disability / Pregnancy or maternity / Membership or non-membership of a trade union.

Ensure that no one in Lombard Group, or seeking employment with it, receives less favourable treatment on the above grounds or is disadvantaged by requirements or conditions.


Our goal is to promote a culture of diversity and tolerance towards different backgrounds. Lombard International Assurance S.A. employs people from 36 different nationalities who collaborate together in a respectful and open-minded way. The recruitment guidelines reinforce the message for all members of staff.


Our intention is to formalise in our recruitment guidelines that all hiring managers must apply a fair and objective judgement and provide equal opportunities to all candidates involved in the recruitment process in spite of their origin, nationality, cultural or religious background... We remind them of the importance of respect, integrity and non-discrimination at very early stage as these are part of our corporate values.

« To do »

Remind hiring managers of the culture of respect and fairness in place in their company and also of the legal obligation to apply equal opportunities for all. This could be addressed at a very early stage in a candidate's application review between HR and the Hiring Manager.

Keywords : Raise the top management's awareness

Published on 01 November 2018