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Company name : PAYPAL (EUROPE) S.À R.L. & CIE, S.C.A

Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : Large company


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

Launched Consciousinclusion training globally to foster inclusive interaction.  


As part of our commitment to diversity andinclusion, we are investing in training our entire employee population globally and providing them tools to combat their own bias.


Invest in our culture and our employee base to foster a stronger sense ofinclusion, with the goal of attracting, developing, and retaining our employees.  Provide employees with a common language, tools, and resources.  


Overall the impact should be tremendous in fostering a culture of inclusion- a core value of ours as a company.    

« To do »

  • Use the development plan we have created as part of our toolkit to commit to 2-3 things you will do to contribute to creating a more inclusive environment.  

« Not to do »

  • In meetings, avoid allowing individuals to dominate the conversation. Healthy debate is important and valued, so therefore it is important to be mindful of including others in the conversation.  

Keywords : Training

Published on 01 November 2016