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Creation of a Diversity Leadership Council

Company name : Caceis Investor Services Bank

Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : Large company


Define a diversity policy

Description of the action

RBC I&TS Luxembourg is setting up a "Diversity Leadership Council" (Diversity Leadership Council - RBC I&TS Continental Europe & Offshore) to steer diversity projects in Luxembourg and to advance Diversity within the company. In order to support this committee in the achievement of the company's objectives, employee resource groups (ERGs) will be in charge of working on the priority themes identified in favour ofdiversity management: the ERGs define and implement concrete actions aimed at achieving the objectives and advancing diversity within the organisation.


Diversity is a priority in RBC's strategy. It is a source of innovation and performance, and is also one of our five corporate values. RBC I&TS is therefore committed to developing a Diversity program, listening to market practices and being an employer of choice in Europe.


The objectives are multiple:

- Formalize existing practices and enhance them

- Emphasize thatdiversity management is a priority

- Improving creativity, innovation and performance


RBC I&TS is guided by the Canadian-designed 'RBC Diversity Blueprint 2012-15'. Objectives, priorities and metrics are determined by CSD Luxembourg and adapted to the local context. For example, what is diversity in Luxembourg and how to bring it to life locally. On a voluntary basis, employees actively participate in an ERG ("employees resources group") and work concretely to achieve the objectives. On an annual basis, results and progress are reviewed and consolidated by the CSD and then reported to the RBC Diversity Leadership Council, which oversees all RBC initiatives in the more than 50 countries where RBC operates.


It is still too early to assess the impact, as this initiative is being implemented in the summer of 2014. However, it is certain that the theme of diversity has a strong impact on engagement and that many employees are volunteering to advance this topic within the organization.

« To do »

Mobilizing the necessary resources and stakeholders well in advance, both locally, involving staff delegation, and globally, since we belong to an international group.

« Not to do »

Making sure that all stakeholders have been able to share their opinions and contributions and that all key stakeholders are well informed about the implementation of this project.

Keywords : Governance

Published on 03 June 2014