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Creation of inclusive restrooms

Company name : HSBC LUXEMBOURG

Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : Large company


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

On each floor used by HSBC Luxembourg employees, we will be assigning one toilet as fully inclusive e.g. including open to those who would be uncomfortable in a strictly male/female segragated toilet space.


We have listened to feedback from our employees and understand that for some who are either not heterosexual norgender binary it can be uncomfortable to use toilet facilities which are typically used by heterosexual employees identified as male or female.


We want to make our employees feel safe and create a truly inclusive environment


We will issue an all staff communication and put signage on each of these restrooms.


Ensuring all staff feel they have a safe space and we as an employer have listened and understand that strict same sex spaces can make some groups uncomfortable.

« To do »

Consider that even if employees don't specifically raise concerns, there are lots of ways that the office environment assumes a typical heterosexual identification in workplace planning and culture. Consider challenging these assumptions and enabling people to feel included

« Not to do »

Don't assume that if people say nothing, there are no concerns. The culture might not yet have developed enough for everyone to feel safe to speak


Keywords : Welcoming and socialization

Published on 28 August 2020