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Developing an inclusive culture, enabling diverse talent to thrive


Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : Large company


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

Northern Trust Luxembourg’s senior management team is committed to supporting diversity, equity andinclusion (DE&I) . We are committed to encouraging our diverse talent to be authentic and bring their whole selves to work, by creating an inclusive culture across all levels.


Fostering and supporting a globally diverse and inclusive workforce is a focus at Northern Trust, helping the firm succeed as a business enterprise and community advocate. Valuing people of all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, and creating a truly inclusive culture enables the business to leverage this diversity.


Our aim is to create a meaningful and measurable difference to our employees’ experience, by ensuring we are creating a truly inclusive culture where all our employees are encouraged to thrive, in their diversity.


We consistently work to enhance transparency, elicit action, improve global work-life policies and promote retention of diverse talent. Our employees benefit from ongoing training to understand bias, and to practice and embody inclusive leadership. We believe that to be effective, DE&I practices must involve employees at all levels. To encourage employee participation, a selection of employee networks called Business Resource Councils are open to all staff members. We also focus on debiasing all aspects of our policies and processes, in addition to developing existing leadership through an Inclusive Management programme, which includes mandatory unconscious bias training for managers as well as an e-learning programme for all staff members.


Our Business Resource Councils provide an annual programme of educational and awareness-raising initiatives.. These are employee-initiated and governed designed to deliver tactical engagement-based activities, education, and awareness. Each network is endorsed by a senior leader within the organisation who advises on the strategy and direction of the group, whilst advocating internally and externally. In Luxembourg, our Women in Leadership Business Resource Council engages both women and men in dialogues around leadership. Our employees benefit from ongoing training to understand bias, and to practice and embody inclusive leadership. Our approach to DE&I training is multi-faceted throughout our curriculum, and follows two main pillars: •Specific DE&I training on assorted topics such as LGBTQ+inclusion and allyship, bias in recruiting and managing remote teams inclusively; and •Integration of DE&I concepts and skillsets into broader management training such as our A-Approach for Manager program, which has aspects of inclusive leadership woven throughout. Other programmes delivered include unconscious bias and inclusive leadership training, an online e-learning module required for all employees. The training is also followed by a compulsory three-module programme for managers, spread out over four months and including post-module, action-learning tasks to put their knowledge to work. We continue to work towards destigmatising mental health in the workplace and creating a culture which encourages open and authentic conversations related to positive wellbeing. Employees are offered a host of informative webinars and seminars on a monthly basis, aimed to educate, raise awareness and support employees across all aspects of wellbeing. Resources, support and dates for the diary are available on the bespoke intranet, and employees are encouraged to visit the wellbeing centre on our internal training platform, to further support their understanding and education. In addition, we have has trained over 500 of our employees across the EMEA region on mental health first aid and these individuals are listed centrally as being willing and able to support peers and colleagues should anyone require help and signposting to further support. Additionally, we recognise the role we play in collaborating with other firms to create systemic change and future-proofing the industry to ensure diverse talent can thrive and have access to inspirational role-models. We are proud to partner with organisations such as Fonds Frauen and Unite in Diversite, who work towards creating real and meaningful change across the industry.

Keywords : Diversity management plan

Published on 11 October 2022