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Diversity Video with staff testimonials

Company name : Banque Havilland S.A.

Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : SME



Description of the action

Given Diversity andinclusion are guiding principles at Banque Havilland, we asked our staff members what Diversity meant to them. We have then produced a video with several staff members giving their answers to this specific question. Each participant was asked to record the message independently, in order to showcase a variety of background and situations – some chose to do it at home, some at the office, others around Luxembourg, and even on holidays. Participants were also encouraged to submit the videos in their own language and to use any items related to their country/culture.


We wanted to celebrate Diversity Day with a group action, but with most of our staff working from home and travelling or gatherings greatly restricted due to the pandemic, we decided to go for a virtual action where staff members from different countries could all participate.


The main goals were to give visibility to the Diversity topic within the Bank, while empowering employees to speak about the subject.


With the Covid-19 pandemic keeping the majority of our staff working from home, we decided to invite staff members to record their own videos from their homes, holiday destinations and others. The result is a varied set of videos, which helps promoting the idea of Diversity. From a logistic point of view, it also avoided people having to come to the office during the pandemic, thus reducing health impacts on our staff.


The video was internally shared within our group, both via e-mail and on our Intranet, reaching 250 employees over 6 different countries (Luxembourg, UK, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland and Dubai).

« To do »

Do not use too long clips as the video needs to be dynamic. Do not shoot all videos at one place, or you will lose the natural and diverse feeling of it. Do not rush people into producing their own videos. Not everyone feels at ease in front of a camera and some people may need more time than others.

« Not to do »

Define a set of “shooting guidelines”, so every clip of video you receive from each employee has a similar angle. This makes the editing process easier and will ensure better coherence when watching all clips together.


Keywords : Communication

Published on 11 November 2020