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Equality and Inclusion working groups

Company name : SES

Activity sector : Other

Company category : SME


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

What are Equality andinclusion Working Groups? Equality andinclusion Working Groups are voluntary, employee-led working groups that focus on diversity andinclusion. The groups are designed to enable employee participation in the SES D&I Mission aligned to the global D&I strategy. How do they work? Each working group consists of a minimum of 10 people working on tackling challenges aligned with the D&I Mission. Part of their role consists in defining the challenges they want to work on in cooperation with an SLT sponsor or with the HC D&I team. Each group will rely on a Senior Leadership member as Sponsor. To start off, we have set up three Equality andinclusion Working Groups “Gender”, “Ethnicity” and an open General group for broader D&I topics.


SES has three active Equality andinclusion Working Groups. These employee-established and governed communities see individuals come together to tackle the biggest barriers to equal opportunity that exist within our walls. All employees, from all corners of the globe, are welcome and encouraged to join; to build an internal network that reflects their distinct yet collective story.


The goal would be for the groups to come up with proposals that directly add to the D&I strategy of SES and that we will engage more people on the topic. Anyone is welcome to contribute to this project and feel empowered to bring their ideas to the table.


The “Gender Working Group” is focused on achieving increased opportunities for all women or any person identifying as a woman inside and outside SES. The “Ethnicity Working Group” is focused on striving for better representation and opportunities of ethnical minorities at all levels within and outside SES. The “General” working group is working on different focus areas, and we have considered employee feedback on the areas this group should focus on that are not already covered by the other two groups.


These groups are employee-established and governed communities that exist to help break down bias and barriers. As our Ambition on D&I states : "We are committed to increasing the number of employees from underrepresented groups and nurturing an inclusive company culture to create a fair, innovative and supporting working environment where people can flourish – empowering all SESers to write their stories and to contribute to the collective success of a truly global team."

« To do »

  • Do not overly structure the projects. 
  • Keeping it fun and flexible is what works for us.

« Not to do »

  • Having a facilitator and a sponsor is a must because they provide valuable support and knowledge.

Keywords : Diversity management plan

Published on 11 December 2020