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Employee Resource Groups, working hand in hand with PayPal Luxembourg Staff Delegation and its Equality Representative.

Company name : PAYPAL (EUROPE) S.À R.L. & CIE, S.C.A

Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : Large company


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are clusters of colleagues who share the same focus and ambition to promote an inclusive workplace culture which encourages engagement across the employee lifecycle. ERGs are based on volunteering which employees adjust according to their workload. Employees, working with Management, the Staff Delegation and its Equality Representative are empowered to collaborate within these groups and to organize both internal as well as external events around their respective theme. ERGs embed diversity within the organization and shape a culture of openness and dialogue. In Luxembourg, PayPal has currently four dedicated ERGs: Pride, Unity, Thrive and Amplify.

  • Pride promotes the LGBTQ+ community
  • Unity supports Gender Equality and Balance
  • Thrive fosters an inclusive workplace for disabled people
  • Amplify focus on the recruitment, retention and advancement of Black employees


ERGs are open to all employees with no distinction or criteria and for as long they wish. They can change group or join several at the same time. ERGs have been in place for many years at PayPal, with Pride and Unity the longest standing. Every year those groups evolve and give life to ranges of projects supported and sponsored by representatives of PayPal’s Management. The Staff Delegation Equality Representative follows the work of all ERGs. ERGs welcome every single new joiner with respect, they also emphasize collaboration with each other, they encourage new ideas, partners and plans in order to nurture Diversity andinclusion. ERGs reflect PayPal at its core, a company where wellbeing matters and individuals can come as they are.


The main objective of ERGs is to promote and strengthen an inclusive workplace culture and encourage engagement on Diversity andinclusion. ERGs also seek to inspire employees to continuously learn and discover, including about themselves and their peers. They foster a safe space for open discussions on topics which can be personal and sometime sensitive. As such, it establishes a workplace that recognizes the variety of experiences, capabilities, talents, and interests of employees.


Throughout the year, ERGs meet on regular basis and work on planned projects to raise awareness and share information. They consider joint activities, look for champions and seek budget approvals. They also agree with PayPal Luxembourg Management a common master calendar where each ERG gives its inputs and updates on various events, the Staff Delegation Equality Representative manages the said calendar. Given the multiple initiatives covering a range of topics and formats, it is important to avoid conflicts between ERG sessions which can attract the interest of the office population. Staff members are free to join or not any session depending on their own commitments and availabilities.

  • In April 2020, Thrive held an Autism Awareness event during which people could exchange with an autism advocate. It helped them step into the shoes of an autistic person and realise the access barriers in the workplace and society as a whole.
  • In May 2020, Unity organized a “Kids & Techs” Seminar at the beginning of the lockdown: the information session, opened to working parents but not only, provided precious tips on how to best manage kids’ use of technologies and have a better understanding of the impact it has on them.
  • In July 2020, Unity interviewed Prof. Gilbert Fridgen, PayPal-FNR PEARL Chair for Digital Services at the Luxembourg University. Each PayPal employee had the opportunity to submit questions to Prof. Gilbert Fridgen and discuss his personal and professional experience and views.


In 2020, PayPal counted 30+ nationalities for a total number of 120 Employees in Luxembourg. New joiners who explain their motivation to join the company often refer to the importance of values at PayPal. After a few months, they usually give positive feedback on all the efforts deployed within the company by ERGs and Management to foster diversity andinclusion. Employees are proud to be part of a company defending strong values and employees’ wellness.

PayPal employees keep motivated by getting involved in things they strongly believe in. Through the ERGs, they can find a range of opportunities and activities to support these causes.

« To do »

  • Do make sure ERG objectives are clear, shared, and the group well aligned on them.
  • Do organise each group so that each team member is given a chance to participate actively.
  • Do regularly ask employees for their feedback, using surveys or equivalent tools helping to take real-time actions based on the returns obtained.
  • Do get Management support and ask them to communicate as much as possible on coming events. For example, at PayPal every Friday, the Luxembourg office gathers for a standup meeting including office and business updates. Management always includes news about coming ERG events.

« Not to do »

  • Don’t simply consider Diversity and Inclusion as a “tick the box exercise” it requires constant follow-up and endorsement as well as yearly planning.
  • Don’t impose ERGs from the top-down and instead, give enough space for ideas to emerge bottom-up.
  • Don’t multiply the number of groups, it is unlikely to attract enough support and generate sufficient activity.

Keywords : Raise the top management's awareness

Published on 21 December 2020