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Les Rues au Féminin

Company name : Ville de Dudelange

Activity sector : Public administration

Company category : Public sector


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

The City of Dudelange dedicates the streets and the meeting place of the Lenkeschléi district to six Dudelange women. The street names of this district remind us of the merit of women who build our society together with men. The publication of a brochure on the biographies of these women and the official inauguration of three commemorative booklets explaining the project and listing the names of these women contributes to increasing the visibility of these deserving women representative for all women. The brochure "Les rues au féminin" is available to interested persons on request from the Equal Opportunities Service.


Our action is in line with the action "Les rues au féminin" of the National Council of Women of Luxembourg (CNFL). The desire to give more visibility to women in public life and in the official memory led us to choose to give women's names to the new streets in a whole neighbourhood. These honoured women are examples for all women, through their private and professional commitment, they contribute to local life and to the community of all in Dudelange. Being a woman should not be a reason to go unnoticed, without being recognized or thanked.


  • Promote greater visibility of women in public life.
  • To add symbolic value of recognition to more women who have made a commitment to the benefit of the community/society.
  • To give an official memorial to deserving and committed women by dedicating a street to them.


  • State of the streets in Dudelange: streets named after women compared to streets named after men.
  • Search for deserving women (link to Dudelange). Contact with historians by the Service for Equal Opportunities. Lecture Diddelenger Geschicht(en) - Nimm vun Stroossen, Nimm vun Frauen.
  • Proposal of deserving women by the Committee on Equal Opportunities andnon-discrimination.
  • Elaboration of biographies. Contacts with family and friends. Photo research.
  • Selection of women by the Committee on Equal Opportunities andnon-discrimination.
  • Naming decision by the Municipal Council of the City of Dudelange.
  • Finalization of biographies. Translation for bilingual brochure.
  • Submission of the text/photos to the design and graphics agency. Layout/printing of the brochure and commemorative leaflets.
  • Distribution of the brochure by all boxes on the streets with women's names.
  • Insertion of an announcement on the official inauguration of the district in the Dudelange announcement sheet and in the women & culture 2019 brochure.
  • Advertising in digital media.
  • Invitation to politicians.
  • Mailing to people interested in equal opportunities (lists).
  • Official inauguration of the district.


The impact is very positive. The women's family and friends participated with their testimonies in the development of the biographies and contributed to the search for photos of the women. This was a recognition for the family members of the deserving women. The Diddelenger Geschicht(en) - Nimm vun Stroossen, Nimm vun Frauen conference had about 60 participants and the official opening of the neighbourhood had about 30 participants. The feedback from the population is very positive about these lasting testimonies of Dudelangean women. Several copies of the brochure "Les Rues au Féminin" were requested from the Service for Equal Opportunities. This is a successful increase in the visibility of Dudelangean women and a lasting inscription in the official memory by the brochure and by the inauguration of the Lenkeschléi district with the three commemorative booklets. Street names reflect the history of a city, a country.

« To do »

  • Allow sufficient time for researching biographies and photos, for developing and translating the texts for the bilingual brochure.
  • Plan for layout/printing drafts so that the layout and colours can be checked, especially for commemorative brochures on plexi material.
  • Reserve the date in advance for distribution of the brochure.
  • Make a schedule with all the elements to be provided.

« Not to do »

  • Letting time go by without setting a detailed schedule.

Keywords : Raise the top management's awareness

Published on 17 May 2019