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Lioness : Lombard International's women in business


Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : Large company


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

In 2018, we launched our “Lombard International’s Women in Business” initiative (aka the Lombard Lionesses).

We are sponsoring a series of events to champion, develop and support all our talented women at Lombard International. These events focus on specific themes such as “Kindness” or “Women of the Future Programme” and include thought leadership from high profile external guest speakers who share their insights and experiences in light of their own career journeys.


  • Sponsor mentorship opportunities for all employees,
  • Run quarterly networking events to share ideas and best practices,
  • Showcase our female talent and promote their success both internally and externally.


Our mission is to help champion, develop and support all our talented women. We aim at developing, encouraging and facilitating networking opportunities between our colleagues from all parts of our organisation.

« To do »

Include and encourage everyone to join the events – regardless of gender.

Keywords : Organizational culture

Published on 21 August 2019