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Myers & Briggs' 16 personality types at PGIM Real Estate Luxembourg S.A.

Company name : PGIM Real Estate Luxembourg SA

Activity sector : Real estate activities

Company category : SME


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

PGIM Real Estate Luxembourg S.A. offered its employees to do 16 personality types test that was created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs based on the work of Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung, who presented his psychological type theory in his book Psychological Types (published 1921). The test is focused on five personality aspects: identity, mind, tactics, energy and nature. It helps individuals to explore their in-depth characteristics, discover strengths and weaknesses as well as gain a better understanding of how people are different. Following taking the test, a lunch and learn event was organised in order to discuss the results. We looked at wide representation of different personality types within the office, examined individual characteristics and relations to one another. The discussion was help on different topics around the questions included in the test and the ways each of us approaches things that might seem simple and straightforward at first glance – choosing a place to sit in the room or description of a perfect weekend break.


PGIM Real Estate Luxembourg S.A. has an office with relatively low number of employees compared to the marketplace statistics. Among 22 employees, there are 12 nationalities, speaking 9 different languages, with male-female ratio 59%-41% and age range of 22-54 years. Consequently, PGIM Real Estate Luxembourg S.A. wants to support opened and inclusive environment for its each employee by fostering cooperation and solidarity among people, supporting linguistic and cultural diversities and personality differences.


The objective is to become aware of differences, acknowledge their value and use them constructively by incorporating different perspectives into own processes. The aim also is to support a workplace withoutdiscrimination where all employees share and absorb some of the effects of diversity and where everybody has an equal possibility to develop and be themselves.


Openly speak about diversity and differences among individuals that come with it. Support the awareness raising process within the company and promotediversity management beyond the HR department.


• Balances the strengths and weaknesses of the workplace – a stronger team • Diversifies the workplace – combines personalities • Improves decision-making – creates various perspectives to tackle problems • Increases team production and efficiency – higher creativity and organization • Boosts workplace morale – less competition and conflicts, more contributions • Benefits the business!

« To do »

• Try to get as many people involved as possible, including the top managemetn • Make sure that everyone is well informed about the nature of the test • Create safe and comfortable environment for everyone to speak up openly

« Not to do »

• Avoid giving any connotation or context to any of the personality types, approaches or decisions



Keywords : Organizational culture

Published on 15 March 2022