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Online Learning Tool

Company name : ONELIFE

Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : SME


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

OneLife proposed a new powerful on-line tool to all its employees, providing easy learning opportunities around the clock for users to follow their chosen courses at their own rhythm during business hours and in their own time.


The life insurance sector is evolving quite rapidly. To deliver the highest service while facing new challenges related to digital transformation, OneLife is committed to constantly upskill its people so that they can enhance existing, or develop new skills.  


  • Grow the human capital of the company
  • Support the company culture of continuous development
  • Make people actors of their own career development


OneLife partnered with LinkedIn Europe to internally launch their Learning platform in September 2017. Available in English in a first step, the platform was also made available to employees in French in November 2017.  

The platform was introduced by people at LinkedIn who gave employees an in-depth tour of the online platform offering more than 10 000 courses as well as useful tips and timesavers to help them get the most out of the learning experience.

To ensure the best execution OneLife put at employees’ disposal iPads so that they could spend quiet time during working hours on their training rather than on their PC with other colleagues around.

The platform was launched over a 6-month period from September 2017 to February 2018 so that the company and its employees could test and experience this tool. Following this period, a survey was launched among employees to get their feedback on the platform. And the success is there, with more than 10,000 videos viewed in total and a satisfaction rate of over 80%. Based on results, the platform was officially and permanently launched in June 2018.


At a company level, this learning tool helps grow the human capital and extend the culture of continuous improvement.

At an individual level OneLife employees can build their own career development plans and progress at their own pace.

« To do »

  • Testing period, get feedback from employees to ensure acceptance and buy in
  • Provide arrangements so that employees can attend training during working hours (room, equipment)

« Not to do »

  • Do not impose a solution without involvement of parties

Keywords : Training

Published on 28 June 2018