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"POSTalents" - Innovative approach to identifying talent within POST

Company name : POST LUXEMBOURG

Activity sector : Specialized, scientific and technical activities

Company category : Public sector


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

POST Luxembourg has launched "POSTalents" with nearly 300 employee candidates, a training cycle enabling employees to acquire newskills in order to be able to evolve within POST. This career support programme is open to all employees regardless of career and educational level. Interested employees are invited to apply.


POST Luxembourg works in a wide range of professions such as postal services, financial services and telecommunication services. Our action is part of our commitment toequal opportunities on which we work on an ongoing basis.


"POSTalents" is a training programme that is in addition to the annual training offer and will provide longer-term and more in-depth training for employees who wish to develop their professional careers. 

For POST Luxembourg :

  • Democratising access to a Talent Management programme 
  • Investing in employees and giving them the opportunity to develop their skills 
  • Identify and support their wishes for evolution 
  • Creating a sense of cohesion and belonging 

For the collaborator:

  • Development / evolution of skills 
  • Define or specify your professional project


The "POSTalents" program consists of the following steps: 

  1. Ability Questionnaire: to know personal profiles, identify strengths and areas that need improvement. 
  2. Individual interview: refining the wishes and deciding on the path the employee wishes to take 
  3. Selection Process 
  4. Generic module: common core in e-learning: integrating new behaviours and skills 
  5. Specific or tailor-made module (3 paths: explorer - manager - expert): The rest of the programme will be built according to the needs identified during the individual interviews.


The programme is based on a three-pillar model of ambition, ability and commitment to identify talent within POST. By becoming aware of their role, behaviours andskills, participants will be trained and made aware of the identified needs.

« To do »

  • Discuss with the employee about his or her wishes for development and set up the necessary support to develop skills.
  • Remain open to all requests for development and professional growth.

« Not to do »

Limit training only to certain professional levels.

Keywords : Evaluation, mobility and career management

Published on 29 April 2020