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« Rally Diversité » (Celebration of Diversity)


Activity sector : Teaching

Company category : Public sector


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

-Organisation of the annual event « Rally Diversité ». This event takes place on the same day as the Luxembourg Diversity Day. This event is an important one for the school and is registered in the school calendar.

-Topics covered include:discrimination, gender roles, harassment, children’s and human rights,handicap, cultural diversity…

-Different partners contribute to our Diversity Day. The city of Differdange is one of our partners. For example, we organised a joint activity aiming to raise awareness on issues surrounding handicaps. Students and employees engage in roleplays to simulate dealing with ahandicap (mobility, sight, …).


-We held our first Rally Diversité in 2017, one year before signing the Diversity Charter. Since then we have organised it every year, except for during 2020 (due to the lockdown). 

-Diversity and intercultural richness are two reasons for parents to enrol their children at EIDE. 

-Diversity Day is one of many actions registered in the D&I (Diversiy & Inclusion) planning. Other events include: 

oHosting an international “goûter” with EIDE students’ parents. 

oSupporting the equality of opportunities for the development of young students’ projects in cooperation with 4Motion, Pro-Sud-Biosphere, ...


-Inform and increase awareness among the schools’ staff, students and parents

-Value the present diversity in the school

- Encourage more open mindedness in all situations


-This event was the initiative the D&I coordinator at the school and our SePAS team (Service psycho-social et d’accompagnement scolaires). Over time, it has grown and now other staff members, teachers especially, support its organisation and content development (e.g. music teachers choose a song linked to diversity which is sung during the « Rally Diversité », art teachers work with the students to create paintings depicting butterflies - each butterfly is different, thus representing the uniqueness of each student, …

-The « Rally Diversité » also aims to increase the standing and profile of each person and their work. E.g., one activity done in the past aimed to know more about the cleaning staff - who are they? what are their stories? -We also encourage the creativity of our students by organising the «EI’s got talent» show.


-Increased sensitivity among teachers and students to the “aménagements raisonnables” and to challenges faced by people with reduced mobility or vision. 

-Thehandicap awareness activity was a spectacular success among teachers and students. E.g. they are more aware of the “aménagements raisonnables” and the challenges faced by people with reduced mobility or vision. 

-Development of stronger relations and greater trust in the SePas. This is essential in cases of harassment ordiscrimination where the victim student person will have more confidence in opening up to SePas. 

-Reduction of stereotypes and bias for the students and teachers. Teachers view their students from a different perspective, and vice versa.

 -Reached over 140 teachers and 1300 students

« To do »

-Develop a network of partners (city of Differdange, other partners, internal resources, local organisations and businesses, …) -Explore all topics, even outside of our comfort zone -Make diversity central to the values and culture of the school

« Not to do »

- Do not practice equality at the expense of individuality


Keywords : Organizational culture

Published on 09 December 2020