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Company name : ALLEN & OVERY

Activity sector : Other service activities

Company category : Large company


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

We will launch in September a programme of Reversementoring.

In amentoring relationship it is usually the more experienced person who is the mentor and they help the mentee develop specificskills and knowledge. In a reversementoring relationship it is the less experienced person who takes the position of mentor and helps the more experienced person.

The knowledge that is transferred is about the mentor’s perspective on the business, the industry and their own career aspirations. The dialogue should give the mentee food for thought on how the world has changed since they started out, and how theskills and expectations of the next generation might inform the decisions we make today to shape the firm tomorrow.


We have in heart to promote intergenerational sharing, and we adopt this revolutionary form ofmentoring to promote the understanding of the environment of the most seniors but also the development - including the impact of the younger ones.


Objectives of the A&O Reversementoring Programme :

  • Senior leaders will gain an insight into diverse perspectives of the firm and individual and generational career aspirations, motivations and perceived barriers.
  • More junior and diverse people will be given a voice and opportunity to influence.


Create an environment of exchanges, trusty relationships.

« To do »

  • Train the junior mentor.
  • Establih a guide of good practices.

« Not to do »

  • Not prepare the partners.
  • Not offering a framewrok for the reverse mentoring.

Keywords : Raise the top management's awareness

Published on 01 November 2018