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Company name : LINKLATERS LLP

Activity sector : Other

Company category : SME


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

We have organised a speed meeting with all our internal committees (Diversity, Innovation, Business Development, Community Investment, Events) in our courtyard on July 4th.


The objective was to increase communication and to reinforceinclusion by mixing people together and give them an overview of what the firm they are working in is doing on a daily basis.


Participants were organised in groups of maximum 8. Each ten minutes, they moved from one committee stand to the other. This was the opportunity for them to exchange with the hosts. Hosts were committee members who did play the game and accepted to represent their entire group on behalf of their colleagues.


Our people were happy to discover what the various groups are doing concretely, to identify people behind the committees. They were also force of suggestion as they came with a lot of ideas they suggested to the different committes. Some of them also decided to enrol in on or several committees.

Keywords : Organizational culture

Published on 03 August 2015