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Company name : Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs

Activity sector : Other service activities

Company category : Foundation, Non-profit, NGO


Define a diversity policy

Description of the action

Visibility + Engagement + Recognition = Opportunity


• ILA corporate member “affiliated members” predominantly men • ILA Committees, the percentage of women is even less than 25% in the majority of the committees • ILA speakers (panels & facilitators) focused efforts for equality, but still predominantly male • ILA membership o ~25% women o %gender neutral TBC o % Prefer not to say TBC


• Reachgender equity ILA committees & panels at ILA event • Aim forgender equity attendance at ILA training and events through our corporate accounts


• Each corporate ILA member identifies through (2023 – 2024) o Gender and age equity of affiliated members (not less than 40% of underrepresentedgender – including non-identified) • Each committee assess diversity and takes it in consideration when appointing new members (2023 – 2024) o Gender and age equity (not less than 40% of underrepresentedgender – including non-identified) • Speakers & facilitators o Events: ILA follows “The Pledge” o Facilitators: Targetgender equity 40%


• Quantitative: reach 30% of women on ILA membership by 2024; 40% by 2025 • Qualitative: major visibility of underrepresentedgender across membership, events, committees • Long Term:gender equality at committees & ILA events

« To do »

• Ownership & Accountability o Leadership and chairs of committees need to share the objective and own the implementation towards the change • Measure & Report

« Not to do »

• Force without sharing objectives / benefits • Force without buy in of leaders



Keywords : Governance

Published on 06 October 2022