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Company name : ENCEVO S.A.

Activity sector : Production and distribution of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning

Company category : Large company


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

The campaign was composed of 2 main actions:

  • To reach out the topic Diversity&Inclusion (D&I) to all our employees and enable the launch of the official commitment of our Group in favor of this topic, the Diversity&Inclusion Policy was published and shared on our intranet, via mail and via mandatory internal e-Learning Code of Business Conduct.

  • 12 D&I round tables were launched face-to-face within Encevo Group. Collaborators from different backgrounds (companies, gender, nationalities, etc) were selected to participate and share their perceptions about D&I topic in their working environments during the round table events, after which the results were communicated to all employees within the Group as a Webinar and a video.


According to our corporate values (Respect, Excellence, Team Spirit and Commitment), we believe that promoting the awareness of D&I is beneficial for promoting efficient teamwork, innovation and sustainable commitment of our employees within Encevo Group. The energy sector is globally very challenging in terms of diversity (i.e., gender). Today, other categories are difficult to major in this sector. As an energy provider, we are convinced that we need to play a role in providing role models to our society to diminish stereotyping and provide equal chances to minorities.


The objectives of the Campaign #YesToDiversity are:

  • To raise awareness on D&l, specifically on unconscious bias and how they could affect the decision making at workplace and the collaborations with others.
  • To strengthen the commitment and sense of belonging of our employees.
  • To promote efficiency, innovation and group performance within the Group.
  • To create an environment where people are respected for their individual characteristics, opinions & perspectives according to our corporate values.


In order to reach our objectives, we employed sustainable and innovative approaches.

  • To promote the D&I movement sustainably with a solid foundation, we created a D&l Committee, published the D&l policy and launched D&l round tables.
  • A wide range of perspectives were collected during our round table meetings to make sure the needs of minorities within Encevo Group are also represented.
  • Results/Outcomes were communicated to all employees transparently through our intranet.
  • Information about D&I topic was presented using different methods including video introduction and webinar to guarantee a better understanding and continuous development on the topic.


The impact of the Campaign #YesToDiversity can be concluded as follows:

  • Impact on the target audience
  • Raising awareness of D&I among our employees in general;
  • Increasing interest in further training about D&I or joining D&I Committee from collaborators.
  • Impact on the company
  • The practice enabled us to identify the areas (including gender, better inclusiveness through language, reintegration of the employee after a long leave) that we should give priority to.
  • Received high support and engagement from employees about the initiative on our intranet.
  • Language preferences will be addressed in the onboarding process.
  • The practice increased our company profile as it attracts people who also value the importance of diversity.
  • A re-onboarding process will also be organized according to the needs of our employees after/during a long leave.

« To do »

  • Create an environment for collecting / valuing feedback
  • Involve people from different departments or entities
  • Make full use of internal communication channels like intranet or communities for engagement.

« Not to do »

  • Discourage any ideas from people
  • Lead/organize a discussion without structure
  • Compose homogeneous discussion groups

Keywords : Raise the top management's awareness

Published on 21 September 2022