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Accueillir un.e stagiaire en situation de handicap


Activity sector : Other

Company category : SME



Description of the action

Hogan Lovells Luxembourg in collaboration with Ligue HMC opened its doors to a trainee of the Ligue in a situation ofhandicap to allow her to discover the world of work.


Hogan Lovells has approached Ligue HMC to consider all possible options to support them.

After calling on them to provide us with apple juice made from apples from their orchard by people with disabilities for our employees, the idea of hosting a trainee with a disability came naturally.


  • Raise awareness that barriers that may exist to theinclusion of a vulnerable person in the world of work can be removed.
  • To allow the future trainee to get out of his/her "comfort zone" that is the Protected Workshops within the Ligue HMC.


First, meet with Ligue HMC educators in Hogan Lovells' office so that they can observe the premises and give them the list of tasks that the future intern will be asked to perform. This is necessary in order to find the best candidate for the position.

In a second step, the intern will be welcomed for a fixed period of 1 to 3 months. The trainee continues to be monitored by the educators to ensure the smooth running of the internship and a good integration within the study.

We are also involved in sensitizing our global network to theinclusion of people with disabilities. Thus, we have published an article on www.hoganlovells.com detailing our approach and its successes. We honored both the leaders and educators of the Ligue HMC and our intern at our Summer Party, with related press coverage (Ligue HMC quoted in an article and a photo in the picture report, both in Paperjam). Given the success of our approach, we wish to emulate them.


This approach was very well received by all study staff.

« To do »

  • Try this very rich experience!
  • Adapt to the type of disability of the trainee.
  • Express yourself in a clear and simple way and make sure that the person has understood the explanations.

« Not to do »

  • Use unnecessarily complicated words or phrases.
  • Remain open-minded and do not underestimate the trainee.
  • Set expectations that do not match the trainee's skills.

Keywords : Welcoming and socialization

Published on 28 June 2018