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Diversity targets

Company name : RTL GROUP SA

Activity sector : Other

Company category : Large company


Define a diversity policy

Description of the action

On 8 March 2018, RTL Group published diversity targets for its general management for the first time.


As in 2017 only 22 per cent of top and senior managers in the Group were female, the need for action was obvious. Setting a target was a first step to underline that RTL Group is determined to take action to increase the share of female managers in top and senior management. Promoting our best talent early on, building an environment where creative and pioneering spirits can thrive – this open-minded culture is vital for the success of RTL Group.


RTL Group aims to increase the proportion of women in top and senior management positions to at least 30 per cent by 2025.

 (2017: 22 per cent)


RTL Group’s long-term ambition is for women and men to be equally represented across all management positions. As intermediate step, RTL Group has set a quantitative target for 2025.


The medium to long-term impact is intended to ensure that gender representation in our management represents the gender demographics of our audiences, as well as enhance our employer attractiveness.

« To do »

Analyse the current status of the gender split for top and senior management, review the succession pipeline and use this as a basis to define a diversity target. Ensure support and buy-in from the company board.

« Not to do »

Initiate / set targets without management support and without follow-up measures.The communication needs to come from the company’s board. If there is no management support for these targets the action will not be successful.

Keywords : Raise the top management's awareness

Published on 04 June 2019