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Elterenfouer: equality in parenthood

Company name : BGL BNP PARIBAS

Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : Large company


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

ElterenFouer, the Parents' Fair, is an internal initiative of the BNP Paribas Group in Luxembourg to supportequal opportunities in parenting. In partnership with the Kannerchlass, a real fair has been set up allowing all staff, parents or not, to discover stands related to childhood, adolescence, father/mother equality, nutrition, the possibilities offered by the BNP Paribas Group in terms of work-life balance or the company crèche. At the same time, a drawing competition was organised for employees' children.


The aim is to promoteequal opportunities between men and women in the exercise of parenthood.


Organised on the occasion of Father's Day, the ElterenFouer is part of an approach aimed at breaking the stereotypes of "daddy works, mommy takes care of the children" and thus lifting the taboos about men seeking a better reconciliation of their roles as fathers and employees. Through the Parents' Lounge, BNP Paribas in Luxembourg involves all its employees in accepting and understanding the challenge ofgender equality in parenthood. Employees were also asked to vote for their "best" stand. The subject addressed at the winning stand will be the theme of an internal training session.


The impact is very positive. Many employees took the time to attend the exhibition. The men felt really involved in the initiative.

« To do »

  • Be creative and original to make an impression.
  • Involve the children of employees.
  • Partner with external professionals.

« Not to do »

  • Do not reserve the lounge only for men or parents. It is important to open it to all employees.

Keywords : Training

Published on 26 June 2014