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Being a Parent at eBay

Company name : EBAY EUROPE S.À R.L.

Activity sector : Other

Company category : Large company


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Our team members make eBay great, and we care deeply about making sure you have our complete support inside and outside the office. This includes making sure you have time to take care of yourself and your family when you really need it.


  • Getting Support as a New Parent with Cleo: Cleo is a comprehensive maternity and parental support program, provided by eBay, to help transition employees to parenthood with ease and approach each stage with confidence. Whatever the path to parenthood -- adoption, surrogacy, same-sex, opposite sex or solo parents -- Cleo has employees covered from pregnancy through their child's 5th birthday. The aim is to help eBay employees’ transition to parenthood with confidence and prepare for their return to work with expert resources for postpartum wellness, lactation support, newborn care and career coaching. This health benefit is offered at no cost.
  • There are additional online resources available to parents via the eBay intranet and in Grokker.
  • eBay frequently organizes “family days” wherein employees can bring their kids along with many fun activities planned.
  • Flexible working hours in addition to the possibility of working from home enables parents to juggle a busy schedule, especially if their kids are sick or during the school holidays.
  • During the lockdown, eBay was fully supportive and showed flexibility in terms of parental leave.
  • eBay offers a Birth Parent and Non-Birth Parent Leave program: Being a great place to work is about providing benefits that support you in all aspects of your life – inside and outside the office. We recognize that families come in all shapes and sizes, and the Company encourages you to use the new leave program to spend time with your new child. Under this new program, birth parents outside of the U.S. will be offered 20 weeks of leave (often referred to as maternity leave) at 100 percent of base pay. For countries where the current paid leave benefits meet or exceed this program there will be no reduction of benefits. Non-birth parents – including new dads (often referred to as paternity leave), new moms who didn’t give birth, adoptive parents, and parents through surrogacy – will be offered 12 weeks at 100 percent of base pay.

Keywords : Organizational culture

Published on 19 August 2020