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Prayer, multi-faith and quiet rooms

Company name : UBS Europe SE, Luxembourg Branch

Activity sector : Financial and insurance activities

Company category : Large company



Description of the action

Contemplation rooms are facilities designed to both accommodate spiritual practice, contemplation, meditation and to facilitate dialogue. These rooms, also known as multi-faith Rooms, prayer rooms and quiet rooms are not dedicated to one faith orreligion.  


It has been noticed that there was no space for those who needed to pray during the Ramadan. Therefore, employees of the Muslim faith decided to raise the matter with management. 


The proposal was put forward to the management committee who voted yes.  

Consequently, the COO mandated the Hospitality Department (which is reporting to him) to find a room and furnish it to accommodate a prayer corner as well as a relaxing area for those who just want to find peace and quiet during the day. 


It has fostered a culture of tolerance from areligion point of view but also has contributed to a better working environment. The initiative was communicated to employees of the whole location but also to the Diversity Intranet site to raise Luxembourg's profile in terms ofdiversity. 


A better understanding and awareness. 

« To do »

  • Involve senior management for a quick implementation of the project. 

« Not to do »

  • Limit the room's access. 

Keywords : Organizational culture

Published on 01 January 2015