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Promote "Tech for Good" values and accelerate the promotion and use of inclusive technologies

Company name : CGI

Activity sector : Other service activities

Company category : Large company



Description of the action

In 2018, CGI co-founded with BPI France and APF Francehandicap the association La Handitech, which aims to federate, coordinate and promote the ecosystem that innovates and supports innovation for people with disabilities or loss of autonomy. The association brings together startups, companies, schools, laboratories, institutions and users who develop, thanks to technological advances, innovative projects or solutions to compensate or even overcome disability and improve the future for all.


Each year the Handitech Trophies reward innovative startups and student projects in the field of disability. CGI wanted to go further in this approach and unite the ecosystem.


La Handitech's employees are integrated into our internal projects. With them, CGI creates offers. The approach is both external - supporting players, proposing offers, communicating - and internal - mobilizing our employees, creating interest and pride, finding innovative solutions.


  • Identify actors and support an ecosystem;
  • Contribute to a change of perspective on disability by associating it with innovation;
  • Federate and create internal pride.


Thanks to La Handitech, every year we integrate experts in the field of disability into our service offer and we improve the support of our employees. La Handitech is also an opportunity to involve our employees interested in innovation in our strategy and to demonstrate the value of our commitment. Thanks to this project, CGI confirms its positioning as a committed digital company.

« To do »

  • Act, create, meet, dare ;
  • To master communication ; 
  • To offer moments of federative meeting;
  • To pursue the development of projects within the ecosystem.

« Not to do »

  • Centralize and want to control everything.

Keywords : Organizational culture

Published on 21 August 2020