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Raising awareness and working towards an inclusive and multicultural society

Company name : ELISABETH

Activity sector : Health and social work

Company category : Foundation, Non-profit, NGO


Raise awareness, train and involve

Description of the action

Organisation of visits to places of worship on the territory of the City of Luxembourg (Evangelical Church, Bahá'í Centre, Luxembourg Synagogue, Mamer Mosque, ...).


elisabeth has been committed to the people of Luxembourg for 350 years. Founded by three nuns, elisabeth works offer life assistance in four sectors: children and adolescents, education, the elderly and the intellectually disabled. Today, the 3700 beneficiaries of our services have an increasingly multicultural background. Elisabeth's 1700 employees are thus confronted with the management of people of different origins, cultures and religions. Since the main focus of our work is to maintain the self-determination and self-esteem of the people we serve, we consider it essential to offer our employees the opportunity to learn about different cultures and religions.


  • To work towards a multicultural society, where each employee and each beneficiary of our services is respected in all his or her personality, including values from different origins, cultures and religions.
  • To consider cultural diversity as an added value.
  • To enable our employees to offer a quality service in the supervision of people of different origins, guaranteeing a caring and respectful supervision of the values of each individual.
  • Facilitate access to information for our employees and encourage open-mindedness.


A request has been sent to the different cultural centres in the territory of the City of Luxembourg to list their willingness to open their doors to present their culture/religion to us.

The subjects dealt with during these visits are very vast and concern both the functioning of the Church/Synagogue/Bahà'i Centre and the history of their religious culture and their customs and habits.

elisabeth's collaborators are regularly invited to visit places of worship. These are integrated into the training plan of the collaborator.


The aim is a better knowledge and understanding of different cultures.

These visits help to improve relations between employees as well as their relations with the recipients of services from the elisabeth group.

In this way, elisabeth offers a living space adapted to its beneficiaries while respecting their own values and maintaining the esteem and self-determination of its clients.

« To do »

  • Take an interest, listen, explain.
  • Accept and respect differences.
  • Recognising differences as an added value.

« Not to do »

  • To close in on oneself.

Keywords : Communication

Published on 12 July 2018